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St. Elizabeth Students urged to use tablets to help with preparation for 11-plus

St. Elizabeth Primary this morning joined St. Alban’s in being the newest owners of XO tablets from the Aron and Christina Foundation. Class 3 students of the St. Joseph school this morning were brimming with excitement when they heard that the Foundation’s founders Aron and Christina Truss had returned, following a similar presentation of laptops years ago, to deliver tablets this time around.

“You have two years to prepare for the Common Entrance Exams. We expect that you will use them and when we hear about your results in two years time, we will hear that you all have done very well,” said Aron, who reminded the children of the donation of laptops they had previously made to the school. He thanked teachers, staff and the principal for working with the Foundation, as well as MP Dale Marshall for facilitating the donation to the school in the constituency. Ministry of Education representative Andrew Skeete noted the importance of organisations like the Foundation in helping with the delivery of education in local schools.

“If they use these tablets responsibly, they will visit those sites where they can get opportunities to practice Mathematics and English… to help prepare for your exams next year. We look forward to some very, very good results next year. I will be here at your graduation ceremony and I expect to hear that this group of Class 3s at St. Elizabeth Primary, has done very well.” MP Marshall told the students that five years ago Aron Truss has spoken to him about his idea to do charity work with rural schools, which provided the opportunity to choose St. Elizabeth as one of those that would receive needed attention.

“I am aware that this school was not part of the EduTech programme. I always felt that it was a tremendous failing and I am also aware that this school for some reason does not get everything that it needs, when I have three schools in my constituency. I do not want to say that this is the worst off, but it is certainly the oldest plant and the plant most in need of attention…

“For the first time we had an opportunity to put a computer in the hands of every child. I know this is something the Barbados government has committed to but it has not been able to work out in this area,” he said adding that he was pleased to see the children being able to take the tablets home to facilitate their education.

“Like you I hope that these children can use them not as toys, but as tools in ensuring that the Common Entrance results of this school are something to make yourselves proud, [and] your parents proud,” he said.

The principal, Ingrid Prescod, in extending her thanks, said she was sure her students would enjoy the donation.

“You can see by the bright joy on the faces already that they are excited and will enjoy it. I can see the excitement and I know you students will put it to great use,” she said, moments before the Class 3s received the XO tablets.

She urged the students to take very good care of the devices and they would be used when they reached Class 4 to continue their learning and preparation for the 11-Plus.


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