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Technology boost for Half Moon Fort Primary

The Aron & Christina Foundation has once again shown its commitment to promoting and facilitating education at the primary and secondary levels in Barbados.

Yesterday, Aron and Christina Truss presented the students of Class 3 from Half Moon Fort Primary School with XO Tablets.

During the presentation at the St Lucy School, Member of Parliament, Denis Kellman, thanked Mr and Mrs Truss for their continued support to the school. He also commended them for actively pursuing their vision.

“I also commend you for donating your time and I encourage others to follow your example. I hope that other individuals and private sector agencies can see this good work and in that sense want to covet the gift of charity and donate to this organisation. That way, by this time next year more schools may be able to benefit from this initiative. This will also help the Aron and Christina Foundation to help others, to empower them to be independent and not dependent,” he said.

Minister Kellman went on to point out that the XO Tablet offers world-class learning software customised to the students educational goals and curriculum.

“With a fun, hands-on approach, the XO Tablet brings collaboration and discovery to the learning process. Equipped with all of the features parents have come to expect from a kid’s tablet; built-in WiFi, touch screen, rubberized case, bright colours and a children-friendly interface, the XO tablet is also a fully functioning Android device for the entire family,” he highlighted.

Principal, Veronica Best also thanked Mr and Mrs Truss for the ten XO tablets. She expressed that the gesture shows that there are persons in the community who are interested in the growth and development of the island’s students, and are willing to assist where possible.

“Technology is the driving force behind the world over and it is important that we prepare the students to be part of that process. We appreciate this kind gesture as it will go a long way in keeping the students on the cutting edge of technology,” she said.

Mr Truss thanked Mr Kellman and the staff of Half Moon Fort Primary for supporting the XO programme which is into its third year at that school. He also encouraged the students to use the tablets wisely as they prepare for the common entrance examination.


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