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60 tablets to three primary schools

Within coming weeks, 600 Class 3 primary students, particularly from rural schools, will receive Samsung Galaxy tablets. The undertaking is by the Aron & Christina Foundation, which this morning handed 60 tablets to pupils of the St Elizabeth, St Bernard and St Joseph Primary Schools.

These pupils, were the first to receive tablets for this year under the initiative that started in 2009. The trustees of the foundation will be heading to primary schools in the north next week.

Aron Truss started the foundation with his wife Christina, in an effort to support primary and secondary education, with the concept that an educated population is the best way of maintaining, economic, social and political stability.

Delivering remarks during a brief ceremony at the Public Library of the Eric Holder Municipal Complex, where the presentation was made, Truss advised the students to use the tablets wisely to further their education as they prepared for the 2017 11-Plus Examination. He also urged them to work hard and strive towards achieving excellent results in the national exam.

“Christina and I feel that there is a need to contribute and give back to society, and to help others. And we hope that you use these tablets to be successful in one way or another, and that when you become successful, you will remember this opportunity you were given, and that you will try to provide an opportunity to others who do not have [any],” Truss said.

One of the donors to the project is visitor Nic Williamson, who sponsored the tablets for the St Joseph schools.

“Use them wisely and try to get the most out of them. Computing is the future, and this is an opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world,” Williamson advised the pupils.

St Joseph Member of Parliament Dale Marshall thanked the foundation for its annual contribution to the students of St Joseph


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