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Samsung tablets issued to primary school pupils in the North

CLASS three pupils, from all four Government primary schools in St. Lucy, now have Samsung Galaxy 4 tablets to aid them in their educational pursuits, thanks to the Aron and Christina Foundation.

Students of St. Lucy, Half Moon Fort, Ignatius Byer and Selah Primary schools received the tablets on Friday from Aron and Christina Truss, founders of the Aron and Christina Foundation, during a handing over ceremony held in the auditorium of the St. Lucy Secondary School. Addressing the students, Aron Truss noted that the Foundation, formed by himself and his wife, was started back in 2009, with the aim of promoting and facilitating children’s education at the primary and secondary level, since they both believe that this will be the best means of ensuring the country’s social, economic and political stability in the future.

He urged the students to care the tablets given and to view them as a tool that can be used in the teaching­ learning experience, even as they prepare for the upcoming Common Entrance Exam.

Acknowledging that Half Moon Fort and Ignatius Byer have already been beneficiaries of the tablet project, Truss noted that the Foundation was delighted to add St. Lucy Primary and Selah Primary to the current project, which will overall provide 350 tablets to students at 12 government primary schools.

“Today, the Class 3 students of all four schools will each receive a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet. We have selected students in Class 3, as we feel that you are old enough to handle the responsibility of taking care of the tablet, and will have it assist you with the two years of preparations for the Common Entrance Exam,” Truss told the students.

“We are confident that the tablets will improve your academic results at school, and hope that the teachers will use them as a teaching tool and will incorporate their use into the curriculum. As a result, we will also provide one extra tablet per class, so that teachers will also have a tablet in the classroom, to assist them with their teaching,” he further commented, while adding that letters to parents will also be issued, so they are fully aware of the initiative.

Acknowledging that XO tablets were presented to students last year, Truss noted that the switch to Samsung Galaxy tablets was all made possible with the help of Columbus Business Solutions, which operates FLOW.

Noting that the aim is to present tablets to the new Class 3 students at the start of each academic year, Truss noted that the Foundation is trying to find committed sponsors, but he openly thanked Keith Morris for sponsoring three of the schools present, noting that many of the approximately 115 tablets presented on Friday, were paid for by a donation from Morris.


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