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St Alban's Primary Receive Tablets

The Aron & Christina Foundation is ensuring that digital literacy is spread across schools in Barbados.

Yesterday, 54 Samsung Galaxy Tablets were presented to the Class 3 students of St Alban’s Primary School by the charity’s founders Aron and Christina Truss, alongside Member of Parliament for St James North, Edmund Hinkson.

St Alban’s is the first school for the academic year 2016/2017 to be the recipient of the tablets, as Mr & Mrs Truss continue to ensure that Barbadian children embrace learning through the use of technology.

Mr Truss revealed that the Foundation will be distributing approximately 600 tablets this school year.

He said Class 3 was selected because they feel that these students are old enough to handle the responsibility of taking care of a tablet and will have it to assist them with preparation for the Common Entrance Examination.

“In preparing for the Common Entrance you will be studying a lot of Maths and English and these tablets should be able to help you with that curriculum as well as with your projects…I know you are also going to play games, but not at school.”

“The way the current job market is now you have to have computer skills. Christina and I feel very strongly that these are skills that young people need to have,” he stressed.

The Foundation is also encouraging the teachers to use the tablets as a teaching tool and incorporate its use into the curriculum. In light of this, one extra tablet per Class was provided so that teachers will also have a tablet in the classroom to assist them with their teaching.

Hinkson thanked Mr & Mrs Truss for the commendable initiative started back in 2009. He also encouraged the students to look at ways to give back to their country in the future.

“In Barbados a lot of us look to see what we can get out of the country and not what we can do for our country. But here are two people, Barbadians, who are looking to see what they can do for their country…You also can look to see what you can do for your country. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it doesn’t have to be money; but you can do little things to make your communities better,” he pointed out.

Principal at St Alban’s, Wendine Prince, expressed her appreciation to Mr & Mrs Truss, as well as to the Member of Parliament for their continued commitment to the school. She also took the opportunity to urge her students to care of the tablets.

“Recognise that this yearly donation is not an entitlement but rather a privilege. They are many children here in Barbados and around the world who would exchange places with you and in this regard you must see yourself as privilege,” she stressed.

“…I urge you to show appreciation for this useful tool by being responsible when using it. Use it to enhance your learning to do research, to communicate with family and friends not to hurt others. Take care of it by ensuring that it is not damaged”.


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